French 10.1

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Course Code:
University Pathway
French 9.1 and French 9.2
Course Description:
Students are introduced to more formal grammar, focussing especially on verbs. They continue to increase their knowledge of French so that they can use the language more creatively in speaking and writing, as well as understanding more of what they hear and read.
Organisational focuses include:
  • Mealtimes
  • House, home and family life
  • Work and play
  • Daily routine
  • Telephone calls
  • Holiday activities
  • Physical and character descriptions of people
  • Correspondence in French
  • French restaurant and menus
  • Traditions of eating and regional cuisine
Additional Information:
All WA and many interstate universities offer an ATAR bonus to students taking a language in Year 12.
Note: Students with a language background in French, Indonesian or Mandarin may be considered for enrolment in Year 10 without the stated prerequisites.