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Course Code:
University Pathway
Mathematics – C grade/ Exam 65%
Course Description:
The course is intended primarily for students seeking University entry, or for students seeking careers requiring a computer science background.
Students will be able to identify the internal components of a computer and hardware and software recommendations in an industry context. Students use diagrammatic tools to solve a variety of industry -based problems. Through the use of spreadsheets and programming languages students will develop programming skills used in several University courses.
Students will also be introduced to networking concepts applied in industry and will examine a variety of such systems, create a network and learn database and Internet skills. Students learn how databases are structured and how communication technologies are used in industry. Topics covered include:
  • Managing data
  • Systems analysis and development
  • Programming
  • Developing software
  • Networks and communication
Course Assessment:
Project - 40%
Theory Test - 20%
Practical Test - 10%
Examination - 30%

Note - A detailed assessment statement will be provided to students at the commencement of the course.
Additional Information:

A strong work ethic is required for this course.