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General Pathway
No formal pre-requisites required.
A ā€˜Cā€™ grade or better in a Year 10 Photography, Visual Arts - Graphics or Media unit is preferred but not essential.
Course Description:

The goals of the Design - Photography General course are to facilitate a deeper understanding of how design works by exposing students to a variety of communication forms and a thorough exploration of design.  Design projects allow students to demonstrate their skills, techniques and application of design principles and processes; to analyse problems and  possibilities; and to devise innovative  strategies within design contexts. There is potential for students to develop transferable skills and  vocational competencies while devising   innovative designs. 
This course will be delivered in the context of  Photography - in this context, design may use  analogue, and/or digital photographic systems  and/or digital media.  The course will have a strong Photography base, looking towards practical application of these  skills. First semester will focus around commercial  Photography and involves students working on  their own magazine. Second semester will look at Photography in terms of Graphic Design  and Media Arts, focusing on Photo manipulation. 

Further Study:
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Additional Information:

This course will give students a strong understanding of practical Photography and Digital Design.  Students will learn time management skills, lateral thinking and problem solving skills in the quest to create design solutions. Skills gained will be relevant to the fields of Advertising, Graphic  Design, Photography, Media Arts, Marketing and mass media.

Additional Costs:
Excursion - $35