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Course Code:
University Pathway
C grade or above in Chemistry (Units 1 & 2) - ATAR
Course Description:
Chemistry aims to develop students’:
  • interest in and appreciation of chemistry and its usefulness in helping to explain phenomena and solve problems encountered in their ever-changing world
  • understanding of the theories and models used to describe, explain and make predictions about chemical systems, structures and properties
  • understanding of the factors that affect chemical systems, and how chemical systems can be controlled to produce desired products
  • appreciation of chemistry as an experimental science that has developed through independent and collaborative research, and that has significant impacts on society and implications for decision making
  • expertise in conducting a range of scientific investigations, including the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data and the interpretation of evidence 
  • ability to critically evaluate and debate scientific arguments and claims in order to solve problems and generate informed, responsible and ethical conclusions
  • ability to communicate chemical understanding and findings to a range of audiences, including through the use of appropriate representations, language and nomenclature.
Unit 3 – Equilibrium, acids and bases, and redox reactions
Students investigate the concept of reversibility of reactions and the dynamic nature of equilibrium in chemical systems; contemporary models of acid-
base behaviour that explain their properties and uses; and the principles of oxidation and reduction reactions, including the generation of electricity from electrochemical cells.
Unit 4 – Organic chemistry and chemical synthesis
Students develop their understanding of the relationship between the structure, properties and chemical reactions of different organic functional groups. Students also investigate the process of chemical synthesis to form useful substances and products and the need to consider a range of factors in the design of these processes.
Course Assessment:
Science Enquiry - 20%
Extended Response - 10%
Tests - 20%
Examinations - 50%

Note – A detailed assessment statement will be provided to students at the commencement of the course.
Additional Information:
This course is relevant (and often essential) for tertiary bound students who wish to follow scientific, engineering or related vocations such as medicine, nursing, physiotherapy and dentistry.
Chemistry is listed as being a pre-requisite for more university courses than any other course.
Additional Costs:
Excursions - $50
Competitions - $20
Calculator (HP30S or equivalent - buy at school) - $20

Equivalent Calculator
Functions - Scientific, non-programmable, solves linear & quadratic equations. You cannot use classpads (from Mathematics) in Science classes, tests and examinations.