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Course Code:
University Pathway
Grade C or better in Drama (Units 1 & 2) - ATAR
Course Description:
In this course students focus on detailed study and interpretation of published plays. Students apply the conventions and techniques of various dramatic forms and styles to write,
develop and perform original drama. A significant part of the course is the development of the student’s practical exam work – the Original Solo Performance, a scripted monologue, an improvisation and an interview.
Course Assessment:
Practical Component – 50% of course, comprised of:

Performance/production tasks – 60%
Practical examination – 40%

Written Component – 50% of course, comprised of:

Response tasks – 60%
Written examination – 40%
Additional Information:
In addition to providing students with a practical and creative course which offers a pathway to tertiary studies, Drama offers and enjoyable grounding in the eight key employability skills which are highly valued in the workplace:
Team work as well as an ability to work independently
Problem solving
Initiative and enterprise
Planning and organising
Creativity and higher-order thinking
Technology skills
Many personal attributes are developed particularly well in the Drama environment such as;commitment, enthusiasm, positive self-esteem, sense of humour, ability to deal with  pressure, motivation and adaptability.
Additional Costs:
Students will be invited to attend a range of professional theatre performances outside school hours. Tickets range from $18 to $70. Students will need to see at least two professional theatre productions
in the course of the year.