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Course Code:
General Pathway
Grade C or better in English (Units 1 & 2) - General
Course Description:

The Year 12 syllabus is divided into two units which are delivered as a pair. The notional time for the pair of units is 110 class contact hours.

Unit 3
  • Unit 3 focuses on exploring different perspectives presented in a range of texts and contexts. Students
  • Explore attitudes, text structures and language features to understand a text’s meaning and purpose
  • Examine relationships between context, purpose and audience in different language modes and types of texts, and their impact on meaning
  • Consider how perspectives and values are presented in texts to influence specific audiences
  • Develop and justify their own interpretations when responding to texts
  • Learn how to communicate logically, persuasively and imaginatively in different contexts, for different purposes, using a variety of types of texts.
Unit 4
Unit 4 focuses on community, local or global issues and ideas presented in texts and on developing students’ reasoned responses to them. Students:
  • Explore how ideas, attitudes and values are presented by synthesising information from a range of sources to develop independent perspectives
  • Analyse the ways in which authors influence and position audiences
  • Investigate differing perspectives and develop reasoned responses to these in a range of text forms for a variety of audiences
  • Construct and clearly express coherent, logical and sustained arguments and demonstrate an understanding of purpose, audience and context
  • Consider intended purpose and audience response when creating their own persuasive, analytical , imaginative, and interpretive texts.
Course Assessment:
Responding - 40%
Students respond to a variety of written, spoken, digital and multimodal texts.
Students can respond in a range of text forms, including fiction and non‐fiction, media texts, multimodal and digital texts.

Creating - 45%
Students create imaginative, interpretive and persuasive texts in a range of modes for a variety of purposes and audiences.
Students can create a range of text forms, including fiction and non‐fiction, media texts, multimodal and digital texts

External set task - 15%
A written task or item or set of items of one hour duration developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority and administered by the school.

Note: This course will not have an external examination, however, students will be required to sit an externally set task (50 minutes duration). The EST is a compulsory assessment subject to the same attendance requirements as Senior School Exams.