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Duncraig Senior High School Finances

BPOINT is a great way to pay for events using your Credit/Debit Card at a time that is convenient to you. It means that parents are able to pay for events and fill in consent forms at the same time, resulting in a streamlined process for all concerned.

Alternative payment methods are listed on the right hand side.

Charges & Contributions

If you wish to pay for your child's Charges and Contributions please click the link below:

Charges & Contributions

Further information explaining your account is available by these links:

Lower School Account Explained

Senior School Account Explained


Excursions, Incursions & Events

Use the links below to go to the payment portal for your child's excursion:

Year 7 2020 School Based Academic Extension Testing

Year 10-12 Dance United Regional Dance Festival

Year 12 ATAR English and Literature Conference

Year 12 Revision Courses





Payment page right content

Other Payment Methods

Parents can also pay for Charges and Contributions and Excursions using Qkr!. For further information on how to register and use Qkr! click the following link:

How to use Qkr!


Policy and Information

Charges and Contributions, Parent Information Booklet.


Duncraig SHS, Charges and Contributions Policy