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Duncraig Senior High School has an extensive pastoral care system to support and guide our students. Student Services staff at Duncraig Senior High School assist in the development of sound emotional, physical, social and psychological health. Student Services staff focus on early intervention to assist students in need by establishing effective collaboration between students, staff, parents and external agencies to best support student academic achievement and wellbeing.

We provide opportunities for students to engage with their school and broader community and play a key role in celebrating the endeavours and achievements of our students. Through providing these services, we aim to maximise students’ ability to deal with demands and pressures and to get the most from their schooling experience. We promote the school’s motto of  Care – Engage – Excel so that all students experience a sense of belonging to and connection with to their school community.

Students and parents are invited to make an appointment with any member of the Student Services team if they have any concerns or need to seek professional advice. The following are some of the people who will be able to guide and assist students at various times.

Student Services Managers

Year 7 & 8 - Sarah Moneypenny        

Year 9 &10 - Louis Cheeseman         

Year 11 & 12 - Nicole Baker              


Year Coordinators

Year 7 - Clare Woolfrey                    

Year 8 - Laetitia Riches                     

Year 9 - James Buchanan                  

Year 10 - Sahar Sleiman                   

Year 11 - Denise Hodson                 

Year 12 - Paul Zampogna                 



Student Support Officers    

Tiffany Irvine             

Tenille Moir               



Jayden Brand             


School Nurse                         

Dianne Liard             


School Psychologist

Erin Pratt                  


Events Coordinator 

Jane Street               


Indigenous Support Teacher

Sally Murphy